Sep 24, 2017

S1 E10 - Walkable City - Steps 9 & 10 - Make Friendly and Unique Faces & Pick Your Winners

We're joined by Luis Montes, another Mesa advocate and thinker as we discuss Steps 9 & 10 of Jeff Speck's Walkable City in our Podcast Book Club -- the last two chapters in the book. We discuss development issues, street design, fancy architects and more. If you're following along in the book, we're reading pages 237 until the end (page 265) in the first paperback edition. (Series 1, Episode 10)

(Series 1, Episode 10)

Sep 18, 2017

Special Presentation - RAILmesa Understanding Housing Event / Forum

On the evening of September 7th, RAILMesa put together a forum with three local experts to talk about housing in Mesa and what it means to our community. Our intention was to keep the event at a conversational level and limit it to an hour, and we mostly kept to that promise. The forum was held inside the East Valley Institute of Technology.  Our special guests included our moderator, Michael Rohd (ASU Center for Performance and Civic Practice), Jon Ford (Vitalyst Health Foundation), Mark Stapp (ASU W. P. Carey School of Business), and Deirdre Pfeiffer (ASU School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning). 

Sep 13, 2017

S1 E9 - Walkable City - Main Street Mesa Book Club (Shape Spaces, Plant Trees)

This Episode! We discuss Steps 7 & 8 - Shape the Spaces and Plant Trees with our very special guests, Aimee Williamson, Executive Director of Trees Matter, as well as Martin Scribner, Director of Planning for the City of Maricopa and urbanism wonk from the American Planning Association. (Series 1, Episode 9)


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