Oct 11, 2021

S03 Interlude - Michael Huff and Affordable Housing in Flagstaff

Interlude Episode to feature an award winning student planner: Michael Huff from Northern Arizona University. Michael explores what was gained as he delved into a student project regarding a theoretical site for affordable housing in Flagstaff, Arizona. His student project was featured as an awarded plan at the 2021 Western States Planning Conference held in Arizona.

Read the plan: The Meadows and Schultz Pass for a sample of Michael's work. Reach Michael Huff at michaelhuff17@gmail.com

Musical Credit: Pulsefire Ezreal (Free) by Rameses B at https://ramesesb.bandcamp.com 

Jan 24, 2021

S03E03 - Traffic Safety with Scott Kelley

Main Street Mesa brings another guest on to talk about safe streets in our series focused mostly on safety, but always making room for the benefits of the human-scale city design and groundbreaking news happening around us. 

Episode #3 features Scott Kelley. Scott is a respected expert on traffic safety with over 17 years of experience. He is a cofounder of Greenlight Engineering (https://greenlighttrafficengineering.com/) where the firm is involved in traffic and transportation engineering for traffic operations, safety, design projects, and more across the state, region, or as small as an intersection. Scott is a numbers guy, but his knowledge and insights go beyond the numbers. Listen to Ryan and Scott have a conversation about the industry and how there's room for progress and advocacy by listeners like you. If interested, you can reach Scott Kelley here: scottk@greenlightte.com or on LinkedIn.

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