Jun 14, 2017

S1 E7 - Walkable City - Steps 4&5: Let Transit Work & Protect the Pedestrian

Join David. Ryan, and special guest Eileen for a ramble-icious episode of the book club! Where we discuss rural roads, Tempe Streetcar, state highways in different counties . . . . and how Walkable City relates to Mesa and other cities like it! We cover pages 139-188 in the first paperback edition -- sections Step 4: Let Transit Work and The Safe Walk / Step 5: Protect the Pedestrian. (Series 1, Episode 7)

May 12, 2017

S1 E6 - Walkable City - Main Street Mesa Book Club

Join David & Ryan, and special guests Andrea and Ivis as they discuss Step 2: Mix the Uses and Step 3: Get the Parking Right (pages 105 through 138) of Jeff Speck's Walkable City.  Ryan, Andrea & Ivis recorded together from New York City (New York City!?) from the American Planning Association's national conference.  David was stuck in a car during his lunch hour in Tempe. (Series 1, Episode 6)

Apr 27, 2017

S1 E5 - Walkable City - Main Street Mesa Book Club

Join us on our fifth episode (which David is certain is our sixth) as we begin our journey into the 10 steps or Walkability -- starting with The Useful Walk: Step 1: Put Cars in their Place. Our guest this episode is Chad Frederick, who just finished his book 'America's Addition to the Automobile.' (Series 1, Episode 5.. not 6, David)

Apr 27, 2017

S1 E4 - Walkable City - Main Street Mesa Book Club

Join Ryan, David, and Jewel as we discuss Pages 36-63 --'Why Johnny Can’t Walk' & 'The Wrong Color Green.' Be sure to join in the conversation on Facebook at Main Street Mesa! (Series 1, Episode 4)

Recorded at Mesa Public Library.

Apr 27, 2017

S1 E3 - Walkable City - Main Street Mesa Book Club

David and Ryan had some technical difficulties recording at the Mesa Park of the Canals, so we catch up and go over the book sections "Why Walkability?" and "Walking, the Urban Advantage" from Jeff Speck's Walkable City, while drinking beer at Il Vinaio on Main Street. (Series 1, Episode 3)

Apr 27, 2017

S1 E2 - Walkable City - Main Street Mesa Book Club

Join Ryan, David and special guest Ari as we begin reviewing Jeff Speck's Walkable City. Now's your chance to read along with us! Write in, send in a comment, be a guest!

Apr 27, 2017

S1 E1 - Main Street Mesa - Introductions

Meet Ryan and David, hear about where they plan to take the podcast and the social mediums, and introduce the podcast book club.

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