S1 E11 - Book Wrap Up & Presentation to the AZ APA


On October 28, at the Statewide conference of the Arizona Chapter of the American Planning Association, Ryan and David, along with guest host Jeff McVey, and guests Milagros Zingoni & Ram Pendyala presented on Engagement by Podcast (and how you can (and should) make your own podcast) -- and also our final episode in the Walkable City Podcast Book Club.

Ram Pendyala is a Professor of Transportation Systems and Director of a USDOT-sponsored University Transportation Center in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at Arizona State University

Milagros Zingoni is an Assistant Professor at The Design School, at Arizona State University (and Mesa resident).

Jeff McVey is the Manager of Downtown Transformation for the City of Mesa.

David and Ryan make podcasts.

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